This Thursday we are straight into it...

Big thanks to rapper Yurika for coming through and putting
together this simple but cool custom, choosing to use this
orange bar tape:

Another simple but sweet custom was put together by this

The only part he choose to custom was the handle bars:

Talking about simplicity, sometimes you do not have
to upgrade any particular part of your Cartel bike to 
experience a difference in your road...

When I checked over the condition of my bike I
could tell it needed attention... some TLC.

First of all some how the bike had become quite

Looks like I was riding and drinking and went over a 
hump, leaving some kind of sticky dried substance on
the bike...meaning only one thing for it...


After giving the bike a proper scrub down, it was time to 
check my tires...with a fim pinch and if you manage to 
squeeze it....

That probably means you need a pump up; you can see 
my tires here only have 5psi...not good!

You need to get those babies up and in between 10 - 12...

You bikes shining, and the wheels are pumped up and 
ready to go, but before you can go you need to lub up...

Applying the lub to the chain ring or like below the cog, 
and give the pedals a little spin so the lub spreads evenly
across the chain.

Follow those few easy steps... and KAPOW you will have
your bike feeling brand mine

Thanking Diner for always allowing me to come  in and use their tools
for my own endevours.
Be sure to check them out on ...

Back to simply experiencing my road..