Did you see this bike on our Instagram?

It's a custom white 'Avenue' that I put together last week
Friday, I made this at Diner as they have the most parts
that will be compatible with any of our bikes.

Swapping out the drop handle bars for a pair of Nitto's 
black riser bars
. That are covered by Brook's black 
leather grips...

Another excellent point about this custom 'Avenue' is this
rare Fizik saddle...

It compliments the white so well. Are you getting an idea 
of how you'll customize your Cartel Bike?

Bike talk a side...the weather today is a stark reminder of 
just how wet June can be in Tokyo, I mean more precisely
just how long the rain can pour down for...

A really good thing we have the solution...

Yes our black denim jacket and jeans are the perfect 
solution for navigating through this weather on bike or foot.

Combined with T-shirt you'll find the June heat bareable,
but most importantly you will be DRY...

Not only is the setup water resistant, you also find that
it offers excellent flexibility due to the stretch
technology it's been made with...

The setup is available NOW for ¥37,800...

Talking of rain jackets this reminds me of a shoot I did 
a few weeks ago with Postal Co:

They also offer a variety of goods related to cycling and 
more, check them out:


It was also a pleasure working with both Gui Martinez
and Justin Carter for the shoot...

Actually we have worked together more than I even 

The previous work we did together was for
Poweredby.Tokyo which is going to feature Cartel Bikes 
and more of my picks...

We did this really interesting shoot for A Midnight Workshop
and The New Order magazine.

During that year Gui also asked me to put together a mix
for his Jagr Magazine project.
At this time I was really into new underground rap:

Previous to that we did another shoot for Tommy Hilfiger:

The first time we linked up and worked together was for 
an original project, relating to a radio project called JVB
that a group of DJs and I created here in Tokyo:

It was within this era that he first asked me to put together
a mix for the Jagr project 2011?...:

You can find more of his works on here: