What a beautiful Friday it is (here in Tokyo), the sun out
the weekend dawning, life could be much worse...

Our campaign for the posters is also in full motion,
with another being put up here:

No doubt many of you will be familiar with the brand
Son of the Cheese

Well if you know then you will no doubt no the above
sign comes from their head shop / bar 'Son of the Bar':

303 号, マンション渋谷並木橋 1丁目-31-19 東 渋谷区東,
東京都 150-0011

One of the best things about the bar is the addition of this
Pool (Billards) table:

Visit a few days in the week and find out which night and
bartender suites you best...I found mine!

Next I have to give a big shout out to Magic Stick...
we completed the shoot for S/S17 yesss, they are  
moving a whole year ahead of the most other Japanese
brands, why? To match the demands of the foreign
market... respect!

You can get your hands on their their latest collection:

I have been working with Magic Stick since their inception
way back in 2010? I don't remember but the growth has 
been great.

Here are my two favorite picks from the collection,
suitable for riding in this Summer:

This look I also loved...but will leave you to browse through
the collection and find out more for by yourself.

I also want say congratulations to the multi-talented artist
Viviane Sheep on her latest exhibit:

I payed her and the exhibition a visit on the opening

It was very nice to see her some of her works up
close for the first time, and was very impressed 
by the concept, amount and final products:

Bound to be a hit Viviane... keep up the good work,
the atmosphere was really buzzing too...

Especially when I bumped into this young lady who
for some reason had dyed Juervo Gold Tequila red,
I did not ask why but I did do a shot with her just 
because I thought the idea was so original:

As we move into the night I am very happy to be
making my debut at the newly opened club 

Don't miss out on this killer of an event and allow
my main man Andre Mcleod get you in the mood 
with his latest drop in his 'Deeper my Love' series.

You can also catch him and Max Essa tonight too...

Whatever you choose to do tonight....