I've been showing you a lot of our custom bikes
of late, while sharing with you some of my adventures
around the city.

Especially since I have been delivering posters here 
and there... 

Let me take a break from all of that to share with you
some of the music that has been keeping me going...

This mix by the man and legend Dam-FunK has been
around for a minute, but recently on repeat...

Due to my Christian background I guess Gospel has 
always had an allure... tunes like this:

For me these type of Gospel songs included in Dam's mix
come from a pantheon of sounds that I think that 
Benedek... (a Dam disciple himself) put together quite
well in this NTS radio mix he did:

These sounds make a type of color spectrumthat reminds
of me of some other modern day pioneers of this sound:

Greeenlinez appear to me to share a very similar appreciation
for this pantheon as I do maybe due to generation we 
came out of?

Anyway I've been a long time fan of theirs and really love
all the work Diskotopia has been putting in over the years.
Peep and go buy their latest album:

Another honorable mention goes to Bahamian Moor who 
almost appeared out of no where with their Tropical Winter
mix they dropped back in 2011? 

For me this all comes back to my upbringing and a scene
that my Dad showed me:

And back in 2011? I did my first all Funk party and mix...:

Enjoy and see you all again tomorrow!