Well the Monday update comes to you on a Wednesday,
which means my weekend was pretty awesome... 
how was yours?

Last Friday I posted about the new 'Carbon Fork Edition
Avenue Lo
', and already Diner has gone to task, check
this custom out:

Drop handle bars, our original forks and Diner's original 
carbon 3 spoke wheel
 combine to give this bike a very
sporty feel...the bike looks fast!

Such a good combination that even the 3 spoke is in awe:

While the Chrome frame cools off in the shade...

The poster campaign is going well, and last weekend I 
found myself stopping at several of my friends venus to 
enjoy the wonderful foods, drinks and atmospheres on offer...

Place travelled such as Antep Kebab, Harajuku:

Febo in Morishita:

Koara in Shibuya

A place that has one of the best Bathroom's in Tokyo...

And where I also met up with these chaps...

Big shout out to C.Dot Arthur and the man FItz Ambro$e:

Last Friday my old buddy DJ Mars hit me up to join him
on a shoot he wanted to do for Cartel:

We were moving around the Aoyama area, where they
hoped to catch some cuts of me enjoying a break from 
my ride around the town...

Trying to keep everything relevant I choose places and 
things that have a relation to us like Just Mate:

Cartel Network Vol.1 - Just Maté from Cartel Bikes on Vimeo.

The final product will be a video, but judging from the 
quality of this still shoot by Jun Yokoyama:


Expect the quality to be on point!