We are very pleased to announce a new addition to our 
Cartel fleet, not a new model of bike, but rather a new
option of complete bike we can now offer our customers;
the 'Avenue Lo' with full carbon forks:

Chrome ¥108,000

Mat Black ¥97,200

What difference do these forks make? 

The first gain is obviously the weight reduction, you'll be 
surprised at just how much regular steel forks can weigh.
The second gain is the increased aerodymanics the forks
offer, since we designed them to be thin and streamlined.

I've been using these forks for over 1 year now and could
never go back to using regular forks after this:

Experience Your Road!

Since we have made new posters, the time for me to 
spread them far and wide has come...

1) Thank you to Kentaro from Mexicali:

Mexicali is located in Hino:

A great place to wine and dine... be sure to not miss the 
nachos, burittos, poppers and the taco rice. 

If your lucky enough to visit there on Friday evening you'll
be able to catch this rare piece of work:

And also catch another amazing piece of work...
Jesse Freeman:

During my visit there I was lucky enough to share the 
company of Ayaka Be from Amber Cloud Films:

And together we all spent an amazing evening there,
Mexicali definitely supplied us with a good amount of 
food and DRINK...

Seriously though the drinks at Mexicali are no joke at all
Kentaro-san has crafted his Beer and Tequila menu to 
near perfection, with a great selection of IPA & American
beers backed up with an amazing selection or rare Tequila, 
some crazy Rum and Vodka...if that is not enough for you
there is also THE COCKROACH:

Just one of these will get you right for the night...the more
you drink, the more chance you'll probably have of burning 
yourself as your inhibitions will lower faster than you can 
finish your meal...you've been warned.

Check in to the Monday update for poster adventures!