The hot weather is already here, and the season called
summer is just around the corner.

What are your plans looking like? 
What are your goals?

We associate many things with summer, off the top of 
my head; beaches, BBQ's, Watermelons, Ice cream...

Ice cream, how fitting is that as our friends at Diner 
put together this custom mint 'Avenue':

The mint frame and brown parts instantly reminded me
of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream:

Which some how reminds me of Gino Ginelli...

Very random indeed but if your from the UK you might 
catch my train of thinking on that.

The deep chocolate like brown of the saddle...

And also the handle bar grips...

Such a simple yet it adds some much character to the bike,
with just 4 simple ingredients:

1) The mint 'Avenue'

2) Brooks 'B17' Saddle in brown:

3) Brooks Slender Leather Grips in brown

4) Nitto Riser handle bars in black:

= A Mint Chocolate Chip custom 'Avenue'

What flavor can you come up with?

I feel that bikes are going to be a big thing this summer,
and have been noticing some cool cats around the city...

Like this gentleman:

His bike reminded me of our Chrome 'Avenue Lo':

This Gentlemen also:

His bike reminded me of our mat red 'Avenue':

Don't be left walking or riding the train this summer
get on a bike and 'Experience your road'.

Today I'll leave you with some rap music from the 
sunnier southern states of the U.S...Enjoy!