Not the best Monday to start of the week but try not to 
let that get you down.

I spent my weekend getting use to a new Chain ring I 
was lucky enough to receive which mean't saying 
good bye to Sram's Omnium chain ring:

And hello to this Sugino Zen 52' chain ring...

Part of the fun was once again using Diner's tools and 
doing the labor myself. Hard work but always rewarding
the end result:

That a was a bit far so here is another closer look:

It looks good but the question is how does it ride? 
Having a 52' by 16 setting on my bike gives me a
gear ratio of 3.25, which is probably a bit too heavy for 
a lot of people...I was worried I might be one of them...

I was not sure what to expect but I had the 
perfect chance to get a feel for the ratio this weekend
especially on Saturday night to Sunday morning:

I was actually DJing at Suki Bar and as you may have 
seen in my previous blog I enjoy a good ride through
the city on weekend...

The previous blog post you saw I rode from Harajuku to 
Ginza. However this time you get shots from Ginza to 
Shibuya (yes I biked from Ginza to Shibuya after DJing).

I set out about 5:40, and could already feel the heat of
the day approaching, but still the slight haze of the AM
complete with empty city streets made it such a joy.

You just get to notice so much more when you ride in
the twighlight: 

From Ginza to Shibuya it took me just over 20 minutes
and by the time I arrived in Shibuya the sun was even
more pumping...

Getting to Koara just in time to catch the tail end of this
guy's set:

And the final few songs of the night by this guy too:

It's nice to know that a level of attention and detail is kept 
at Koara:

Look forward to more updates from us this week...