Welcome to the Friday update... and well this week went
faster than me on this thing:

This picture comes from my private rooftop bicycle parking
somewhere in Aoyama, and I usually park there when I 
go to Franze & Evans, which I did yesterday to catch up
with some work and see how my riding partner is doing
with his coffee beans:

As always they were good and assisted me nicely in 
busting through a bunch of emails and other work - 
WHICH I will get onto later.

After receiving an emergency phone call from a friend
I decided to head out and run to his rescue, BUT not 
before taking this snap for our instagram:

The phone call we can call a false alarm man, I bombed it
all the way to Shinsen thinking I was going to see something
amazing...but I was greeted by was GRIM REALITY... 
of the sleepless dehydrated kind...It's all love though
but yeh I ejected from that scenario real quick, to return
myself back to regular broadcasting:

I stopped by the Interbreed 2016 A/W exhibition to 
pass on some greetings... as I have been working 
with this brand as a model since 2008. Although 
recently only modelling for their blog but you can 
see Interbreed's past collections on their website.

Their newest model was lucky enough to be taken out
to Okinawa to shoot their latest collection... and you 
done know mans jealous about that?!? Like where was
that inspiration during all the years we worked together
bruv?! ;-)

It was good to see everyone their though including this

Big respect to the Interbreed crew each and every

After finishing up my day it was time to start my
evening/night. A visit to Febo was long overdue 
ever since I have not been able to make it over it
over there to sample the new menu:

After have been fed and stuffed like a Turkey on it's
way to a Christmas dinner table, and being watered
just like one of these things:

Actually the above was how I decided to end my day
I find that watching Nature documentaries about the
ocean can be very soothing to the soul.

A good night is usually followed by a good morning,
especially if it's working with these two lads:

Gui Martinez (right)
Justin 'Yuefoh' Carter (left)

Rarely can the camera men also do the modelling 
but with these two...they have it all.

Other highlights of this week have been accidently
rolling out with the riding partner again...

Exploring our surroundings and finding even more
inner city adventures:

Being comfortable enough to just let go and experience
our roads:

Usually always has happy endings:

Hoping you can also get much more out of your
week and weekend: