We are mid-way through the week and as such here is the
Midweek update, a very bike focused update for you at 

Do you remember that we did a shoot last week?

The shoot was for Loop Magazine and we received our 
copy in the post today (THANK YOU!):

We get quite heavy coverage in within Loop magazine
and this time we have four pages of Cartel goodness
to share on pages P14 P94 P96 P101

Our headshop Diner is also featured in the magazine:

The main image was used from the shoot was this...
which you can see on P.14 of loop magazine:

So I have been learning MORE about bikes namely by 
putting them together myself, and Iam very happy to 
present you with Tikini's custom Chrome 'Avenue Lo'...

The handy work has been teaching a lot but mainly that 
you have to respect a good mechanic...!

I choose Diner's original 50mm Carbon wheel set, as it is
subtle, light but retain that sleek carbon look: 

It was very important that the bike had consistency so I 
sourced out this Silver crank set, it's not from a brand 
but still looks very nice in my opinion:

Keeping things sophiscated and smooth I opted to join
Nitto Silver riser bars with Brooks black leather grips:

Had to follow through with a Brooks black leather saddle:

I did the shoot at Sunset... can you see the subtle red glow
againist the Chrome of the 'Avenue Lo'?

Experience your road.

Today I remembered that one of my favorite new rappers
is from London, and that I know very little about him...
I'd like to introduce you to LORD APEX:

You can here his music and other GOOD new hiphop this
Friday at UC lounge at 'Make or Take' - where #fuckedm
is the moto and new hiphop/bass music is the method:

Join us!