The first news I have for you this Monday is that we have 
done a re-up on our 'Avenue' bike stock...

In mat Black:

Mat Red:


Mat White:

Join me and 'Experience your road':

When it comes to music in recent days I have been
keeping tight and mainly paying attention to the 'home
team', so it's always a pleasure whenever something new
comes out of the camp - and these radio shows are
filled with gems:

This weekend past, I simply tried to keep my cool 
and focus on resting, but I really did enjoy this 
Margarita, at my local bar Narf:

Narf is really chill and well worth a visit after work, but
this weekend past, I guess even alcohol was beneath me,
this weekend I guess my release came in the form of 

I was asked by the good people at La Paz to help create 
some aural ambiance on Sunday afternoon at their 
Matcha Fight event.

I have big up the Matcha brothers for showing me that
Matcha in it's highest form is a type of energy...

And that it goes quite well with beer too!
I want to give a special shout out to Graham though
for spreading so many good vibes through out La Paz
and especially to all the customers who literally were 
cueing around the block in the heat to sample the 
Matcha madness.

Moving onto Sunday evening, where a special visitor from
Osaka can to pay us a visit...

Yes my buddy the artist and visionary... 2yang, who is 
always keeping it fresh spreading his amazing graphics, 
inventions and musical madness where he goes.

This time he came to Tokyo to put add some visuals to 
this vehicle:

Yup Toranoco Shokudo has expanded their business into
the realm of mobile catering...congratulations!

The release party brought together a lot of creatives
from both the music and art world.

A good time was shared by all who attended
including me...with that said I'll leave you alone.

See you on the Midweek update!