It's Friday (again!), and there is not better way to end 
your week by reading this Friday update (tell a friend).

From the jump I bring you a custom mat black
'Avenue Lo', that you may have seen on our instagram 
I think we'll call it the Black & Silver custom:

As it uses:
  • Sram Omnium in silver.
  • Diner's Aluminium wheel set
  • A silver stem
  • A silver seat post
You will agree that the silver contrasts quite well againist
the mat black of the frame:  

The handle bars and seat post also contribute to this

The ingredients for the above Black & Silver custom are:




And you will get the above effect, but if you are 
looking for more detail why not add a silver stem?

The only other question left to ask is "How will
you experience your road?"


I am very excited to share with you the next part of the

Yes it concerns the man you see above who you will
call Lord Tusk, and it also concerns my Osiris.

We are very proud to present you with this brand new 
soundtrack. Made for you to take journeys with using
your mind's eye - and as such Lord Tusk has named it:


Enjoy your journey:


Big shouts out to these mans each and every time!

That is not the only media I have for you today, as brand
Black Eye Patch have just released a new video for their
Spring/Summer 2016 collection:


Big shout out to the man Konida who provided the music.
You can re-cap on the project we did them here.

My other news is simply that I have been...

Experiencing my road:

Exploring my surroundings:

Handling business:

Expanding the network:

Running down hill:

Running with the rats:

It's been a good week...lets hope the weekend can follow