It's the midweek update meaning you are in a better
place than you were on Monday (hopefully?).  

That picture with Karen from CDJ blew up our instagram
since she was such a hard act to follow I was a little shy
to post up my own baby girl...but I did:

Having to let people down slowly is not always an easy
thing to do, but I guess my passion for experiencing the 
road might do the job automatically...:

The morning was just too nice!

The good morning preceded a good night, spent with
some old friends who were visiting from London:

For some reason it seems Kikusui is turning into a bit of a
thing back home... I wonder why? Thank you lads!

Another thank you goes out to everyone who came down
to the TOKYO2055 exhibition last weekend:

Of course the biggest shout out goes to the the man of the
hour POSHGOD himself:

It's was an honor working with you for the show, you are 
sincere and VERY talanted being, shining bright whether 
you go!

Another thanks goes out to the Kikusui company for lacing
us with a very healthy amount of Sake:

POSHGOD put together a total of 61 pieces for the show,
not including the rare clothing items, zines and cassette 
tapes...BIG UP!

The music on play throughout the weekend was amazing 
so I want to thank Sapphire Slows, Koko Miyagi and the 
man below OTHEO PARRISH:

Everything came together to create a really enjoyable 
atmosphere, for people to take in "FUTURE TOKYO2055":

Thank you very much Awesome Inc, Club Sexy, T.R.E.A.M,
and Elephant studio.

I have been stuck listening to this radio show...

It just feels so right I am happy that Funkieven
is touring the States right now - anyway check the show then
Get the playlist you'll notice a lot of the tracks are untitled...
Does that mean we have even more dope releases to look 
forward to from Apron? 

As it stands it's great to see Apron putting out so much QUALITY
material...Did you check the last two releases?

Apron 23 comes from Bastien Carrara - who Apron describe as:

"New Apron artist 'Bastien Carrara', Parisian bad boy beats the hell out of
his MPC & records onto tape.. "

My standout tune is definitely 'Summa Breez' check the levels:


Apron 24 is from L.M.Y.E (Lend me your ears) - described as:

"L.M.Y.E. (Lend Me Your Ears) are two Bristol based friends who met via the Idle Hands
record shop which is central to the city's burgeoning house scene.
The pair combine their love for digging with a taste for the sound of classic 70's and 80's studio hardware."

My tune on this joint is definitely 'Cali 76', level check:


The sample is so infectious and comes from one of my favorite 
Jazz funk records of all time - Herbie Hancock's 'Sunlight' the sample 
in question though comes from the song "I Thought It Was You":


Gotta love it...
Since I've overloaded with you music I think it's safe for me 
to leave a lone till Friday?
Till then... Experience your road!