Did you feel that?
What an action packed weekend...

The first thing I can do for you this Monday is to share 
these pictures of Karen from 'CYBERJAPAN DANCERS':

She picked up her custom mat red 'Avenue' bike last week,
as red is actually her favorite color, bearing that in mind
the chaps at Diner put together the bike especially for her

Karen kindly posted the picture onto her instagram, and it
seems to be getting quite a lot of love...

Wishing Karen all the best with experiencing her road,
if red is also your thing why not grab your own mat
red 'Avenue' today?

Getting back to experiencing my road has been a major 
feature of the past weekend and week, ever since I 
replaced my inner tube and valve - Cue the music:

Travelling here and there...

Taking time out to appreciate the places a bike can take 

Plus all the things you can experience when you arrive

From the unfamiliar...

To the familiar...

In other news my riding partner seems to 
be acquiring new skills...
I am slightly choked to be honest...

However he let me know just how precious
the cargo I was carrying with me last night 
was... yes this bike is quite special...

Big shout out to the GOD SERVICE... as you
know the mission was a success your bike 
was recovered and is safely stored awaiting
your collection!

Other than that we have been working hard ourselves,
preparing a shoot...

I have also been trying to increase my knowledge and I am
currently learning how to install brakes, which is very
detailed stuff!

See you on the midweek update!