With the sun shining hard here in Tokyo this Friday we 
thought it appropriate to share this shiny custom Chrome
'Avenue Lo' with you all:

You might have noticed it on our instagram during this 
week, but here is a closer look.

This first custom point is the riser handle bars that have 
been capped off with Brooks leather grips:

The brown leather really contrasts well againist the Chrome
and black riser bars.

Keeping it consistent with the grips, the saddle is also a 
wonderful brown leather piece by Brooks:

Attached to a Silver seat post to keep the Chrome theme

Again the idea behind this bike is keeping everything 
shiny as such it sits on Diner's aluminium wheel set:

How will you experience your road?

Moving on to this weekend, where I am really happy to 
announce you can catch a whole lot of this guy:

Poshgod will be holding his first solo exhibition and pop-up!!!

Who really is this Poshgod?

*POSHGOD* LA 2015 from dertbag on Vimeo.

The Miami native who is part of the CSPG family, made his name 
making futuristic sounds with Metro-zu who describe themselves
as "an interdimensional art clan sent from a utopian future to
usher in the next level of Cyberpunk Funk.
When not creating music, visual art, film, and literature frantically,
the Metro Zu can usually be found macking females in abundance
and causing chaotic disturbances in the universe."

Poshgod has performed and exhibited his work around the world,
from Miami's artel basel to working with New York based 
Good Company, where he collaborated with Dertbag, not to 
mention his European adventures with Lofty305.

This being his first visit to Japan OSIRSI DCLXVI
is proud to Present POSH GOD POP-UP entitled ~

In this ULTRA rare exhibition you will be able to 
obtain Posh works on canvas, T-shirts, Casette tape
and MORE.

The exhibition is running for two days on the 14th 
& 15th of May, with the reception party being on
the evening of the 14th from 19:00

With the afterparty being held at Vision...

Where I can't wait to link up and hear starRo ...

It's been a minute brother!

Whatever you chose to do this weekend...