Last Friday I brought my bike into Diner to change my rear
inner tube and give the bike a quick service:

The real reason for the change of the inner tube was to get rid
of what I think is a crappy valve... won't say what brand or shop 
fitted it, but what should take less than 3 minutes turns into a
monster of a job because of this valve:

The valve had prevented me for pumping air into my rear
tire for a while...which was very frustrating.
So I got busy bought a new tube and valve and got to fitting

Anyway having everything back to normal, made me 
confident again, experiencing my road was doable again:

Took the above picture for our instagram last Saturday night...

The night before was Water Works, where as always we had a nice
turn out...big shout out to all the lovely ladies who made it down:


Gotta love the water gyal dem!

Moving onto the other part of Saturday night where me and 
another riding partner or mine headed over to Nakameguro:

The reason was to say good bye to Kinfolk lounge, which
has been a part of the Nakameguro community for years,
not to mention the fixed gear bike community also... 

Big shout out to John and Ryan!!!

After Kinfolk I went over to Unit and laid down a good set...

Leading onto Sunday where I had to play again but this 
time the settings where like this:

With amazing Margarita's by this guy...

Add a sound system by Taku Hi-fi and you have the ingredients
for an awesome Sunday...

How did you experience your road?

Oh but before I leave you...

You need to peep these sound clips from Steven Julien aka