Worst Friday ever right?

Not only did we all have to come back into work after a 
long holiday...but it's also RAINING!

Not to fear though, as I hope this custom Silver & Chrome 
'Avenue Lo', can wash away those work blues...

Using a silver seat post is one of the most important parts
in giving the bike an overall chrome effect, but you will 
have to source one out yourself, unless you'll head to Diner
in Nishi Azabu:

Speaking of Diner; many times I have mentioned their 
original parts, but in terms of overall color co-ordination
their Aluminium wheel set suites the Avenue Lo like white
on rice: 

Followed up something I personally have fitted onto my 
bike... the SRAM OMNIUM (of course in silver!):

How will you experience your road?

I want to wish long time friend 1-Drink a HAPPY BIRTHDAY...

1-drink is a multi-talented creator, a key part of
the city we live in (Tokyo), he was a member of   
of Kimidori as a rapper, has been a dope graphic
designer, an activist and... DJ...

If you have been following our blog you'll know is a regular
at our Cartel affliated party 'Water Works', which just so
happens to be tonight, so...
Why not come celebrate with us at Koara?

I have to give a big out to Skepta and the BBK family...

I shared an amazing time with you all here in Tokyo and
hope to link up with you again soon... you also blessed 
me with this FRESH copy of ... KONNICHIWA:

If you missed the set at Public Labo, here is
the Boiler room set for you to feast on...:

See you on MONDAY!