Welcome to our Monday update, how is your GW getting

I think it's become a new secret passion of mine to take 
pictures of custom Cartel bikes - with idea of motivating
you out there start customizing your bikes...

Today we have a Custom mat red 'Avenue':

The Avenue bike is a real steal in my opinion, the frame 
being built up of the superior steel compound known
as chromoly...

The Avenue is the no-brainer canvas for you to experience
your road on, and with just a few simple touches you can
have something original.  

Here we see black Nitto riser bars combined with
Brooks black leather hand grips:

Followed on by Brooks team pro chrome saddle in black:

Coming together to look like this:

How will you 'Experience your road'?

Friday night I was absolutely spent, so took a night off 
from my night time inspections, watched this bizarre film:

Big up Brassfoot & Posh God for the recommendation.

Saturday I decided to take my VoVoVirginity

This curry I have heard so much about and seen so much 
of on instagram, but never made the opportunity to taste  
it for myself until now... or then:

I opted for the Chicken and Beef combo, as I did not 
want to have make a tough decision like these guys...

Of course it was really good... and the fact that
it is so popular is not hype... it's just good curry!

Also got to see the homie 'Fasho', after about a year, as  
he was visiting on business from the Vovo Curry HQ in 

Since I was in the area it only felt right to make a visit to
Jazzy Sport ... 

I have been trying to avoid record shops for a little while
since I will always end up buying records...nah mean?

Found this number...

I also found this app....

Oh dear...

See you Midweek!