Recently I was asked to do a shoot with Tune magazine for issue No.127;

The background story, is that previously the photographer Keisuke Fujita took a street snap of me that apparantly proved to be very popular on their instagram/tumblr, so the people at Tune wanted me to show them 5 of my different looks. 

And I took the opportunity to also show my bike, shown in these two shots:

The other shots you can find in Tune magazine itself.

I am always on the look out for the opportunity to shoot my bike on a day to day basis, which means looking deeper into what would otherwise be deemed as 'familiar' surroundings. 

Taken in Aoyama

In doing so I have found the textures of a particular type of 'danchi'団長 (or government housing) to be eye catching, in that the buildings were at one stage a peachy beige, but have been worn down by the elements, age, grafitti and the subsequent chemicals used to remove those so called acts of "vandalism".

Taken in Nishi Azabu

There is also a healthy amount of rust around these buildings, and I thought the rust would contrast well againist my bike.
I think it is very important that we can continue to be inspired by the familiar by choosing to look at things in a different way. 

While in Hanzomon the other day I also found this shrine, which was made to bring Farmers or those working in agricultue propserity; hence why Ebisu is smiling happily over my bike. I am always intrigued by different types of Shrines and Temples we can find within Tokyo city.

In recent times I have been spending more time with the lovely gents at Febo!

Our adventures have been varied and fun but I wanted to make an honorable mention to Ishibashi-san (wearing the pink shirt), as he recently managed to get a new job at an Yakitori restaurant called Samurai. This is honorable because it is his dream to open up his own Yakitori restaurant one day, and this is one step closer to fulfilling that dream.

The food was delightful and plentiful, the grilled Tuna shoulder was probably my favorite dish that night as it was smoke grilled to perfection! 

The Whale's eye pictured here, is a reminder that one should avoid anger
and focus on happiness.

We ordered a good amount of food and drink, and the people of Febo in good manners also bought a round of drinks for all the staff at Samurai...kudos points for Ishibashi-san!

We had a great time!

Moving onto this weekend I am back into DJ mode with a total of 4 gigs, of which I can only talk about 3:

'Feel' is a new bimonthly party we have on the first Monday of the month, with the next episode coming up this Monday the 3rd, the sound is techno and deep house inspired and we aim to bring out all those who don't starting their week with a good feeling.

Ashra, Kenta Cats, Kazuma Takahashi and me bonding.

FEEL MIX TAPE VOL.3 by Kazuma Takahashi on Mixcloud

Other than that I will be playing at the following:

Whatever you do please enjoy it and stay hydrated!