Starting the midweek update with a throwback from 
Monday's update about the Chrome custom:

I think I used the best shot of this angle already used on
the cartelgram, leaving the above available for you to
enjoy on this shot right here.

The last few weeks I was moving around quite a lot doing 
tour guide duties. This enabled me to get a closer look at
some areas around Tokyo, which got me to thinking
about which areas would be nice to ride around in, 
through and past.

Lets start with...

The west exit of Shinjuku... BUT AT NIGHT after the trains 
and the buses stop running, when the crowds have died 
down and when there is less chance of getting a slap on 
the wrist. 

Riding past buildings like this:

Straight into bombing down this thing:

Experience your road indeed... more coming soon!

For those that were not able to tune in, the Posh Miyagi
Diskotopia show has been uploaded to their mixcloud:


If that was not enough media for you NCA have
finally dropped the video for 002:


I am hoping all this music has you hyped for the
golden weekend we have ahead?

I know for the most part long time residents of Tokyo
the start of golden week might mean visits to family,
but for a good few us it's a good chance to catch up 
with friends and have FUN.

If you looking for an idea this weekend why not come 
and join me at Trump Room? A little bird tells me it's
going to be a madness; as two notorious parties join
forces and I quote "to demolish Tokyo once and for all!!"
sounds INTENSE.

Find out more by visiting the event page

See you on the Friday update!