Welcome to your Monday update,

Where did your weekend take you? 

I am happy to start this update with a rather nice custom
Chrome 'Avenue Lo', that I had fun shooting earlier:

The simple and sporty aesthetics, make the bike look very

Our 'Avenue Lo' pursuit style frame combined with these
drop down handle bars I believe give the bike that touch:

Currently the Chrome Avenue Lo is the most valuable 
bike available in our fleet, and why do you ask
is it so valauble?
Well manufacturing a Chrome frame is not the easiest
of tasks, which adds that extra bit of value to this model...
Our Chrome 'Avenue Lo':

The custom bike also features one of our favorite wheel sets...
Diner's original 88mm Carbon wheel set:

Though all 'Avenue Lo' bikes by default come fitted with riser
handle bars, we added these DEDA Pista drop handle bars:

A great custom job leaving us with only one question...
How will you experience your road?

Last Friday BlackEyePatch dropped a brand new limited 'Tee':

The T-shirt was released to mark the start of the pop-up
they currently have running at opening ceremony in Harajuku,
where BEP invited Osiris artists and DJs to provide the music for
the opening reception they had (Photos coming soon). 

Osiris has also been running a weekly mix project with BEP,
and the last mix was provided by the man Brassfoot whose 
music they also used for the pop-up promotional video:


For more music from Brassfoot why not check out
his latest release with JMS Khosah under the indie NCA

In an age where things have become accesible only
via blue screens NCA have been taking it back by
dropping cassette tapes for their releases:

The tape is available to buy now via their bandcamp.
For a back story on NCA check out our previous post about them.

Enjoy and see you on the Midweek update!