The flavor of the month has been continuing on
our instagram:

Last time I forgot to add some detailed shots of the 
Pepper white 'Avenue Lo'; which has until further noticed
sold itself out...sorry but here are the shots anyway:

Black riser handle bars:

The standard black on black post and saddle:

And Diner's original Aluminium wheel set with Michelin
Dynamic classic tire set

However the most popular picture on the gram this week
was this shot I took on yesterday's commute: 

Since last week I guess people's mood has been 
a little sombre due to recent events so I wanted to show
that we are the Cartel acknowledge that and share some
of those sentiments...

Keeping inline with my week of exploration and such like
I made my way to Asakusa yesterday evening:

This old part of town is really great to explore by bike the
knooks and crannies, amount of stalls, bars and restaurants
make Asakusa great... BUT more than visiting any ONE 
particular vendor...why not just ride through and soak up
the energy?

That said I did manage to grab some new shoes....

I think these are going to be come up for the Summer.

If you remember last week I posted about Posh God's
radio for NTS
. And now I am happy to announce for those
who will be able to catch it, that Posh God and Koko Miyagi
will be appearing as guests on Disktopia's radio show:

This will be warm-up for a special show will be performing 
on Friday evening... 

Btw have you checked out Diskotopia's latest release?

It's been getting good feedback and rightly so...check it out:

Be sure to check out the show tomorrow...
and till then see you on Friday!