Welcome to the Monday update,

Following on with the mix series Osiris has been doing in 
collaboration with BlackEyePatch, I am very proud to 
present you with the latest mix, which comes all the way
from London via our friend Brassfoot.

Have you heard the mix Brassfoot made for us?

To hear more of Brassfoot, check out his latest release 'Realms'
on Apron Records which is out now!

Did you see this on our Instagram?

Following on from last Friday's post, I wanted to keep on
the pepper white theme, so went out and took some snaps
of the above 'Avenue Lo'.

Which features three simple but cool custom items in the
form of:

Diner's original Aluminium wheel set
Nitto black riser handle bars
Michelin dynamic classic tire set

The only question that needs to be asked is simply;
How would you customize your Cartel?

Another question...
How did you spend your weekend?

No doubt I am sure it was a chance for some form of rest
or relaxation... mine was exactly that.

It's very rarely that I get to have time OFF, as there is
ALWAYS something to do, but last Saturday I thought
it was time switch off. 
I spent a wonderful and relaxing day in Odawara, where the
scenery, good food and time spent taking it all in, made the
perfect day off I needed.

This trip I was unable to take my bike, but it sure did 
give me the bug for a bike tour, especially since this 
pre-summer weather is just about perfect for riding in!

Moving onto Sunday...

An important day for me personally as I was to go and
pay respects to the late Alani Cruz: 

The above three items Alani used to make up his logo,
and were displayed with the idea that people could take
a picture of them to post on their own social media using
the hashtag #alanicruz .

Below as a display to compliment the exhibition title
'Jordans and a Gold Chain'...

Alani's favorite favorite music genres of Jazz and Hiphop
were on rotation courtesy of the DJ 'I AM JESSE'...

Most importantly Alani Cruz and Jesse Freeman's work was 
well printed and neatly displayed through-out the gallery:

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who came to
the exhibition, and a even bigger thank you to 'Tokyo Was Here'
for providing us with the lovely exhibition space, and finally
the biggest OTSUKARE SAMA DESU to Jesse Freeman for putting
the whole thing together!

I left the former exhibition and rode over to another...

Photographer Ace Ducket from DC's exhibition was supported
and produced by KANTALAND:

Ace's work has an iconic yet nostalgic feel to it, capturing
moments that would have not been out of place in a 90's
film set within an urban area of the USA.

Big shout out to both Ace & Kanta...

After having my fill for the night and weekend I made my
way home, enjoy the mild and breeze night air as rode.

That's how I experienced my road this weekend.

Look forwarding to catch up with you again on the 'Midweek