The weather this week has been quite tempremental, 
with rain, wind, coldness finally ending in today's glorious
weather...I think we'll call it Friday!

Something that has been more consistent than the weather
is constant output of Cartel Bikes by Diner in Nishi Azabu.

What would you turn your pepper white 'Avenue Lo' into?
Back in January I posted about this custom bike by Diner:

Find out more about which parts they used for the bike by 
checking back to the original blog post

Following on with the Pepper white Friday today I started 
preparing some pictures for our Instagram:

Going back to the weather today's sunshine has once again
got me remembering Summer, not just any moment in
Summer, specifically the times in I have spent in Osaka:

Yes there was that time we did that Kansai tour...
But today I am thinking about the time I went to Osaka
back in 2010, this time to DJ for a 2Yang exhibition.
I invited the late artist Alani Cruz to join me and document
the journey...

The bus ride 

The show 

The random adventures

Everything culminated into this...

Mr.Tikini alongside  Alani ‘Peep Game’ Cruz went to Osaka
in July 201. Our time there was special to say the least.
We were taken to a vintage clothes store, whose owner
was a vinyl junkie. Needless to say that vinyl got bought,
especially since all the records were just ¥100 yen. 
To show our appreciation we put together a little mix
of 22 tracks in total (only ¥2,200).

Alani also designed the mixtape cover!
Alani ‘Peep Games’  Cruz’s Mix. (click for download)
Tikini’s Mix. (click for download)

Both mixes are full of snap crackle and pop,
which was a bone of contention for us when we were
compling the mix, as these records are old 45’s.
The tracks used still have that snap, crackle and
pop, but is just adds a extra air of nostalgia.

On Sunday I will be paying my respects to this
talented man, who I was blessed enough to have
as a true friend, during my 8 years here in Japan.

I'll pay my respects by attending this exhibition
launch event by Muro's Jesse Freeman...

You can find out more about the project here...
The launch event will be located here:

151-0053 渋谷区代々木5-8-5 代々木パビリオン605

Hope to see you there!