It's always nice when people come up with original ideas
to custom our bikes, no matter how subtle, the right touch
can make a big difference, like this example below:

Were you able to notice how this Avenue Lo Chrome has 
been customized? 

This discerning patron added some Eighthinch silver wheels
complementing the Chrome finish of the 'Avenue Lo.'

A good place to start looking for ideas is at our head shop
in Nishi Azabu, Diner... I often find myself browsing through
the parts they stock thinking about how I would customize 
any one of the bike models in our Fleet.

Inspired by the above customer's bike and this Chrome custom
I blogged about recently
, I came up with this mood board of
sorts, sourcing all the parts from Diner's website:

Hmmmm, you might see me riding some Chrome myself too...

If your thinking about joining the cartel, why not consider customizing
your Cartel, like so many before you?

If you have been following this blog, then you know that
I have been talking a lot about Poshgod; the artist from 
Miami who joined us last waterworks

Well it seems his creative flow is seeing no slowdown,
from supplying his art works to his global fan base daily,
producing new mixtapes everything month, to working with
local communities like TREAM;

A photo posted by @pxsh6xd on

And now he has just put out a guest show, for my friends
at NTS in London...

Talking of NTS, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish
them a belated 5th birthday...

You've come a long way since the Nuts To Soup days, but 
I sure do miss 'Mr.Wonderful's New Jerusalem' mix!