Welcome to the start of your week!

Looks like Diner saw some action over the 
weekend, by selling this custom 'Avenue Lo':

The 'carbon' custom is composed of using Diner's original
3 spoke carbon wheel and 88mm carbon wheel...

Clean, a carbon custom 'Avenue Lo' can look like this this:

Looking at the Diner website alone you can see that their 
are a lot of carbon parts that you can use to customise 
your Cartel Bike... The end result could end up looking like this:

Something we like to call to call the 'Avenue Lo' Carbon

How will you experience your road? 

The weather this weekend was delightful 
with tempretures averaging around 20°C 

As pinks turn into greens, my thoughts also 
move toward summer which I have been 
expressing via our instagram...

By using shots taken last summer by
the one and only DISK.

On Saturday I also took part in a photoshoot
with my friends at Bal Original:

The shoot was for this coming fall and winter
collection, but you can see the last collection
we did here...:

bal 2016 SS image movie from baloriginal on Vimeo.

When the weather warms like this it's only
natural that you get on bike more, and this
weekend was no exception...

Using my bike to get around as much as 
possible, and last night I made a quick stop
by a friends house...where I made use of 
his decoy parking space:

Ah the friend who owns such prestine parking 
also owns a prestine machine of his own...

Before entering his abode ... I saw this skateboard outside,
notice the yellow emblem, do you remember where is comes

The answer can be found here !!!

To sign out I'll leave you in the capable hands of Poshgod
who just dropped another beat tape: