A blast from the past?

I posted this customized mint green Avenue today on our
, which made me think about the different bikes 
we have produced in the space of a year...

And though not included in the collage don't forget we also
made our Avenue Lo & Avenue bikes in Aqua blue...

Lets take a closer look at what makes this 'Avenue' special
(though it's pretty obvious).

Starting with this basket specially ordered for the owner...  

An important point about our Cartel Bikes, is that by visiting
stores such as Diner a world of customisation opens up
for you to personalize your bike with.

In the last Midweek update, you can see a pair of silver riser
bars, but on this Avenue the same Nitto riser bars were used
but in black...

A simple but sleek bike!

Be on the watch out for more additions to the Cartel 
Fleet this year.

Finally I was able to get back into doing a bit of more of this...

And was able to complete my contribution to the mix series
with Black Eye Patch,  I hope you enjoy it.

Going through the selection, I dug into what I like to call 
my 'Funktion' archives - which came together in 2010/11,
which is the same era as I met my friend Thuggyfresh in,
and for the first time since we met, we finally stepped out
for a drink together in Shinjuku.

Funktion was the first party I put together by myself
inspired but 70s & 80s boogie, soul, Italo Disco,
90's G-funk and a huge dose of nostalgia married to
my quirkly imagination. 

Well we've all come a long way since those Funktion days...

However it's nice to take a moment to look back from
time to time. Big up to Thuggyfresh, Twiggy, Afra & Zen-La-Rock
those Funktion days were really important in my growth here!

Oh if you look back up at the picture of me, you'll notice I
am wearing a hat... an ICNY hat to be exact: 

Super reflective right? My front bike light 
failed on me last night, so this hat's reflective
polka dots were a real comfort to me while 
I rode home...
HOWEVER this one copper I passed on the way
home was not very impressed with the reflective
hat, so gave me a hand signal and "sumimasennn!"
to stop...!
However I was not very impressed by his glorified
'Mama Chari'...at all, so simply swerved past him
(with minimal effort), but just close enough for him 
to get a good look at what I was riding on, which
you'd think would let him know that a chase was
futile...but this guy was zealous...I guess the poor
chap was down on his quoto, or maybe he wanted
a closer look at my bike or maybe he just was bored.
The problem here though is that I was not really in
the talking mood, neither did I feel charitable or like
showing off my wheels, I just wanted to get some
late night munch, but the damn Bobby decided to
pursue me. Hehe AMBITIOUS (I said to myself),
and used minimal effort to smoke him, NOT THAT
badly though, kinda like lightly smoked salmon? or
nuts? or better still BACON!

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