Last week was intense.

It's been a while since I have been THAT busy!

We managed to carry out our exhibition with success and I was able to create these new promotional items for my label Osiris;

My team and I were very satisfied with all we accomplished and I want to summarize Kathryn with the photo below I took in Hanzomon.

I also helped play my part in Diner's 3rd year anniversary: 


Don't forget I also:
  • Modelled for Puma
  • DJ'd for Happy Socks reception party
  • DJ'd at Ignite
  • After DJ'd at Womb
So today I have started to cleanse my body bit by bit:

First I am using the super food Moringa; I find it gives me increased energy throught out the day and is good for cleansing the colon.


That I have also been taking this yeast from Izu called Cobon, which is based on Coenzyme Q10, which has really good benefits for white blood cells, liver and fighting heart burn.

I also drink a tablespoon of this fermented rice vinegar; I find this keeps my immune system is good condition.

I will be keeping a minimal profile this week.

In other news the the pictures from our photo in Odaiba are now ready, and here are two just to wet your appetite:

 Photo Credit: Daisuke Urano