First of all, thank you and welcome to the Cartel...
Nice to see our bikes spreading out in the Kansai region,
once again thank you @maido.18 !

On the subject of spreading out, this interesting custom
Chrome 'Avenue Lo' was purchased at Diner recently...

The main custom points that caught my eye were...
Making use of silver Nitto riser bars, combined with a
silver stem and black grips. 

Following on with a Silver crankset and Diner's 22mm Alumi
wheel set!

Topped off by Michelin's Dynamic classic Tire!

Don't forget our bikes are made with the idea that one day
you'll feel the urge to customise the bike to suite your tastes...

Our friends over at Champ Magazine brought the party to
water works last week AND also captured the action...

Check out the full set of pictures on their website.

I want to give a big shout out to Watarude from dropping
this classic last night at bar Bridge:


See you on Friday!