It's Monday and I am sure many of you spent your weekends
enjoying 'Hanami' and the pleasures that come with them...

Today our motto "Experience your road" has been resonating
with me, mainly because after the cherry blossom, we get 
that pre-summer weather, which is brief is but an absolute
joy to ride in...

Leading onto my next question which is...WHAT to ride in?

Well allow me to suggest...

OK, so I posted about the collaboration at the begining of
March, but since March is still a fairly cold month wearing a
hoodie underneath the jacket and some heat-tech would
have been good for back then, like below:

That being said we are now firmly in spring, so we can shed
ourselves of the heat-techs and sweaters, but wear our
setup with a T-shirt instead...

Which leads onto the question...

What type of T-shirt should you wear?

I'd suggest a long sleeve Tee, especially one of these new
joints by Apron records:

The white t-shirt would contrast well againist the black denim
of our Deepers Wear setup...

But for those of you who like to keep it DARK head to toe..

With the graphic taking from one of my favorite releases of
the label 'Greg Beato - Who's the Licho In Charge Ovaa Here?'

More vibes in the video below:

The complete collection is available online... NOW

Oh big shout out to Floss Daily...original short handle bar 

I also really need to give a big shout out to POSHGOD 
the set last Friday at Water Works was fire...

Song of the set for me was this...

A big thanks to Champ Magazin for the support
pictures coming soon!