Welcome to the Friday update, where right from the jump
Diner has once again shared with us just some of the people 
who purchased our bikes from them during March...

Welcome to everyone joining us to experience their road!
In other news our limited edition Muro collaboration 'Avenue'
bike is also all SOLD OUT...
Yeh that 1 bike turned to 0...Thank you very much!

One thing I am learning about owning a pist bike, is the
satisfaction of learning to maintain and upgrade the your
cycle on your own, kinda like...
"Zen and the art of Pist Bike Maintainence"!

Stopping in at Diner I borrowed some tools and made some 
adjustments to my bike, namely the handle bars in doing so
discovered just what makes my Chris King headset so special...
Whilst over there bumped into homie Zed Shields and exchanged
some good words with him!

Moving onto the weekend...
Starting with TONIGHT where I am very happy to announce

Yup we'll joined by special guest from Miami, PoshGod out of
the CSPG... A truly multi-talented interdimensional type of 
artist, it's hard to know where to even start.

Art pieces?

His Bandcamp?

Visual albums?

Big Cartel? 

Just know his discography is EPIC, dismissing genre to focus
on an overall vibe that we can call Posh?!?
No idea what to expect from his set tonight, but I know it will
be good.

If that was not enough we'll also be joining forces with 
'Champ Magazine' to host the after party for Julian Klincewicz's
"HEY, I LIKE YOU" exhibition at So Gallery:

Why not take a look back at this interview and mix I did with 
Champ magazine way back in 2014?

Whatever you choose to do this weekend...
Remember to enjoy it!