With the our beloved cherry blossoms not in full bloom,
the weekend might not have been as 'hanami' orientated
as we all could have expected, that being said I hope you
had a refreshing one.

I spent most of Saturday at home, so by the time the evening
came I thought it would be a good idea to get my bike and 
head to the Hellrazor's event 'CRAM - BABY BOOMER'
listening party.

The had a lovely welcome setup...
Always nice to be welcomed by a bunch of skateboards.

A warm welcome,
With added warmth from the tape which happens to be
a cassette tape, adding even more warmth to the formula:

Oh and the fact that they were playing it out of this
'Ghetto Blaster'...

The screen above had this original video made by
the Hellrazor crew:

Call me 3324 / Cram from Hellrazor on Vimeo.

Hellrazor have been dropping some dope wears for a minute...

and you might have seen me in some... 

A photo posted by Cartel Bikes (@cartelbikes) on


From there I made moves,
My destination being Ginza...

The journey from Aoyama and thru the city on Saturday
night, was just want I needed, and I got to use one of the
few tunnels that allows bicycles to pass through...

Riding through Akasaka > Toranomon >
HIbiya > Pow I arrived at Ginza Suki Bar

Parked up in front of Nate Dogg and then headed in...

What happens inside suki bar stays in suki bar,
but I can tell you one thing, during my set I 
played this Nate Dogg song:

AND midway during the song without touching a damn thing
(I was using my computer), the song suddenly changed to this:

My friend Spyda told me, that the spirits came down and
paid us a visit... that KAMOME sound system must be good.

OH and another special paid us a visit...

BIG SHOUT OUT TO HENRY WU... that real London flava.
All those factors added up to make an excellent night,
followed up by a peaceful ride home...

Stay tuned for the Midweek update....