Seems like the warmer weather got shy, no?

None the less it doesn't stop the sun from shining, allowing 
me to catch this moment:

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Last Wednesday our calm ride/time trial thing kinda got intense
In the first place I the false rain alert made me leave my bike at
home, so I had to go and collect my bike then make my way over
to C.O.D..

Meaning by the time I arrived, everyone was already there
warming up...haha 

During our warm up session we discussed exactly how we
would carry out our session, I guess we were all a bit tense,
so decided to just ride together...

Meet Ed, and remember him please... 
Setting off from C.O.D we all got to the lights (6 of us).
They turned green and bwoy... Ed just took off lol I followed 
by Natalie and Simon...but ED TOOK OFF like I did when I
found out my first girlfriend was...yeh so he was quick man,
setting a precendent that we all followed... but more on that
next week!

Switching the channel now too...

Our mix series with black eye patch is still going on... and this week
I am proud to present a mix by Rushmore, who joined us back in 2014
for the Osiris 1st anniversary, what a crazy weekend that was...

Here is the mix:

Brassfoot was also a major part of that weekend, and I remember us
discussing our musical futures... and man is he doing it:

Now the video:

My favourite part of the video has to be this moment, featuring the
one and only Lord Tusk, doing something only a Lord would: 

OH and yes if your serious about the music coming out of that 
corner, I have good news, some very rare collectables have 
made themselves available in VERY LIMITED quality here in Japan...

Also don't sleep this weekend..

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