What a week it's been starting with the apperance of these:

Which has made it so much more comfortable while riding at 
night... like last night where me and man like JT decided to...


Actually we were riding through and he suddenly decided to 
ping up the hill, I won't make excuses by mentioning what 
we did before riding but... man his sudden up hill burst 
caught me off guard and balance, leading to some futile 
attempts to start with ZERO momentum up the slope, which 
combined with me being off balance and no strapped into my
pedals, lead to a very mild panic, which made my breathing go,
so by the time I finally made it up the slope I was having a slight
fit... not very encouraging considering tonight...

As I mentioned last week, tonight I want to try doing some 
time trials with you, but we have a slight non/issue...

There is a chance of rain/showers starting from now which if true
would mean we need to take a rain check, since I can't have you 
blitzing through traffic on slippery roads.

If I see no rain by 21:00 then I think we will be safe, but I believe
that to be optimistic, I envision it will rain at somepoint.

Until that time the plan will be like this:

1) Gather at C.O.D from 21:30 
2) Start our runs when the traffic clears up
3) Each run will be with two riders
4) Each rider will be released in 1 minute increments. 

Start/Finish point:

Address: 2 Chome-11-17 Kitaaoyama, Minato, Tokyo 107-0061
It's all a bit of fun I will be drinking casually while keeping a check
on the stopwatch... fastest rider gets a chilli dog on me.

!!! LIGHTS !!!
No cutting through red lights

The all star line up:


The motivational music for tonight is this one kindly brought
to my attention by Water Works regular and full time shower man