Happy Monday?

Well I am sure it has been, since today is a national
holiday here in Japan,  how did you spend weekend?

First things first we're always happy whenever you
all upload your Cartel bike pictures and use the 
hashtag #cartelbikes like user @harumaki602...

Meanwhile things have been getting more busy on our gram:

Be sure to follow us @cartelbikes for more shots like this:

Since we last met a lot has been going on, if my life was a 
road I think I got in a lot of experience since last week.

Remember Tikini's challenge
Well we headed to C.O.D to give it a try but I think we got

But we are ready for YOU this Wednesday from 21:00!

Thursday I managed to stop by our friends at Febo, and 
they gave me this original type of Kofte composed of spiced
beef and lamb meat, it was great:

Friday saw me busy checking exhibitions for two particular

Black Eye Patch:


C.E SS 2016 from c.e on Vimeo.

From there it was off to Opening Ceremony to DJ for their
Cherry Blossom party:

Then made a quick stop home to change clothes and head to 
NOS ORG in Shibuya to DJ for the launch of this:

Saturday was a bit more relaxed for me (thank goodness),
Djing a long side Kza, Watarude and Sei from Bonobo at the 
newly opened 'Bar Street'... a must say they a wonderfully 
curated bar space, that is broken down by spirit...


I enjoyed the herbal based Shochu cocktail:

Actually the Tequila based drinks and the Sake, were also
excellent, not forgetting the tacos by Barachos...
In all I had an excellent time playing there and was very happy
to finally meet this guy:

GAMERA... who? 

Someone who I have been connecting with via Osiris
for a while:

However music is not the only thing he creates

Precious Stones 

They say the law of attraction is real and what you focus on
is what you attract, Gamera and the artists around him have 
always been putting out music that elevates, choosing to 
create music and art inspired by the guiding light so as to 

But I'll leave it to you to dig around.

See you on the Midweek update.