It's been a busy week as usual.

This week I have been trying to focus on getting more day time shots for the Cartel Bikes Instagram (please follow us!), so have been spending time to look for interesting spots around the office to shoot my bike at:

Experimenting with panorama here.

This one I took on Ushi Zaka; I have a thing for various hills located in Azabu areas of Minato-ku.

Here I wanted to go for a contemporary look, using the glass panes and marble stairs as a backdrop really brings out the subtle colors and textures of my bike; the matt black Carbon fork and Carbon wheels really contrast againist the gloss finish of the "Avenue Lo" frame.

The following shots I thought about showing details of my bike.

I am in love with the Carbon Clincher wheel, but this shot should have been a bit more centered. 

For the final two shots I wanted to highlight a subtle detail of my bike; which is the black reflector stick used on the frame, a detail that most people would not catch onto...(especially if am speeding past).

Other than Cartel antics I was asked to model for the below event:

We had to literally be standing mannequins.

In between that and other work I also had to prepare for my personal exhibition:

Printing analogue photos:

Mixing our tracks into this amazing analogue system:

It's been a busy week and it just turned to Friday;  lets see where the weekend will take me....