Welcome to a very rare Sunday update; where will start
by saying a big thanks to everyone who has been joining 
the Cartel:

(Just a few pictures taken from Diner in February alone)

Our fleet has grown and also our popularity, our base line 
contains 7 different bikes, plus 1 a collaboration bike and 
another collaboration item:

Something for everyone; the first time pist bike owner or
the rider who is looking to build-up their ultimate custom 

So what's your excuse?

Find one of our dealers and join the Cartel today!
We have already reached the end of week 2 for the Osiris
and BlackEyePatch project and this week Omaar blessed us:

Really happy to announce his next forthcoming release on Osiris will be 'Check Engine':

Which will be available on cassette and digital very soon!

In the meantime take a minute to enjoy his last release on Osiris 'Faabric':

See you tomorrow!