With the weather warming up as we get closer to spring 
I was reminded of the commerical video we shot last year:

Cartel Bikes in Spring from Cartel Bikes on Vimeo.

In the video I was wearing our Deeper's wear made 
denim Jacket and Pants, which I believe will be perfect 
for riding from now until we hit summer.
So I thought it a good time to reacquaint you all via this update:

Our specification was based on these Deeper's items:

The setup is fully water resistant... so need to worry
about those april showers...

The denim setup is woven out of a special secret ingredient 
that allows it to be extremely stretchable...

The setup is a no-brainer for cyclists who are
not into spandex, bright colors and logos...

The setup retails at ¥37,800 (Jacket ¥21,600 & Pants ¥16,200) 
and available exclusively at Diner.

That being said it is FRIDAY...

Are you ready for the Water?