Welcome to the Friday update!

We are very pleased to annouce the latest additions to the cartel fleet:



Our Avenue Lo is defined as;

The 'Avenue Lo' silhouette has the charm of a piste bike that has adopted a reverse sloping top tube.
Making use of 1inch thin Chromoly by teaming the thick plain tube to the pipe,
coming together to make a sturdy and stylish finished vehicle that is specialized for the street.

Now for a closer look at that Chrome!


Price: ¥59,400

The our classic is defined as:

The AVENUE is our entry-level bike that offers an enjoyable gentle ride and classic style
characterized by a 1 inch chromoly horizontal top tube. A full chromoly bike built for the street.

As with all new additions to the cartel fleet - I really can't wait to see the different ways they will be customized...
of course we are already thinking about some ways ourselves...what about you?

Other than that...

I have crossed the waters and find myself back in London.
I did not come easy though as I have been living in airport and aircraft cabins for more hours then I care to count...

Anyway expect some interesting blog updates in the next few days.

Till then keep experiencing your road!