Welcome to another Monday update - how was your weekend?

Yesterday while at News Stand, I took part in a quick photoshoot, 
to show of Healthiboyz and Awesome Inc latest products.

Starting with Healthiboyz I am wearing this traditional workers jacket:

The jacket features a water resistant outside and a fleece laced
inside - which makes it very suitable for riding:

The jacket is 100% made in Japan and made for 親方 the inspiration for the Jacket:

Next we shot Awesome Inc's latest face logo hoodie:

The hoodie is perfect for the upcoming spring weather and the yellow
makes for a nice contrast, but the hoodie will be available in two colors:

New Face logo crew will be available in Gold and Navy. #awesomeinc

Awesome.Incさん(@awesome03)が投稿した写真 -

Today I woke up to a nice to the news that my little homie Palmetto dropped his latest mixtape:

I have always enjoyed the imagery and design he has been using for his music,

Hailing from Gainsville Florida, the 22 year caught my attention back in 2012,
where we first started talking as I was putting together more music for the 
first Osiris compilation - with him sharing this:

There was something different about what he was doing and we often spoke
and how people would straight up jack his style or concepts like they did with this:

Anyway I am so happy that Palmetto has continued to put out music and I looking
forward to seeing how he grows and progresses as an artist in the future!