Welcome to the midweek update...live from a plane delay 
in Narita airport....I mean for real 10 hours ?!?!
And the promise of the Kremlin's finest flight attendants.. gone?


So instead of sob around I am here making the most of the wifi.

SO my bike is running better than it has done for ages...
mainly thanks to this thing here:

It just gives you so much more control when pedalling or even 
when you feel to lock up the wheels to initiate a skid or bring the
bike to hault...SRAM OMNIUM crank set thank you!

Just in case you forgot (and to make myself feel better) here are some
other things that I believe really make a difference to my ride:

Chris King headset, Carbon fiber stem, and Carbon fiber handle bars;
give me great control, stability and light weight performance.

Carbon fiber forks holding a carbon fiber 3 spoke wheel in place...

My Brooks saddle is worn out like hell but has a unique look and feel...

Yup I love my bike but I do hear a distant calling for something 
new...and just saw this posted on Diner's blog:

I won't say too much but Diner's original bike brand was a
forerunner for Cartel Bikes, and this bike was part of their
JAPAN PRIDE collection...if you would like to know more
contact 03-6427-2745 !

I will leave you in the capable hands of Greg Beato:

Oh and while I may not get the Kremlin's finest, I instead get Europe's:

Hmmm Kobe though?!?!

More blogging antics coming soon!