Last week Tuesday I was invited to play at DJ Bar Bridge in Shibuya for the following regular event:

I stopped playing on vinyl in 2012 as the music I was digging at that time was mainly from the internet, but in the past 3 years internet music has been on the decline, as Vinyl and even Cassette tape sales have been on the rise.

I am sure every DJ has their own method of putting together a set, but for me it's mainly two key steps;

1)Digging through your own personal archive (to select which records to play).

2) Organizing them into a set (Image training which order you play the records).

During that process It's always nice to find records you forgot about like these;

Various ‎– Panic In Detroit

 My jam for changing the mood at ANY time is this, and it is actually produced by 'A Guy Called Gerald'!!!


Dee Cape & Inity Band ‎– Tic Tok

This record holds particular sentimenal value as it was produced by Brassfoot's father RAY CAPE and sung by his Aunt DEE CAPE; and was given to me personally by Brassfoot himself back in 2006 when we became Spexsavers.

Finally I want to make special mention to this record:

FunkinEven ‎– Chips / Sweets

This record takes me back to late 2011 and 2012, when I feel my vinly playing style was at it's strongest.

The record was also sent to me personally by Funkineven himself and 1 of 250 copies (Rare!).

The experiences I have had with music and records, remind me of how experiences are what make our 'road' (life); hence why at Cartel Bikes we say 'Experience Your Road'.