What a week it's been starting with the apperance of these:

Which has made it so much more comfortable while riding at 
night... like last night where me and man like JT decided to...


Actually we were riding through and he suddenly decided to 
ping up the hill, I won't make excuses by mentioning what 
we did before riding but... man his sudden up hill burst 
caught me off guard and balance, leading to some futile 
attempts to start with ZERO momentum up the slope, which 
combined with me being off balance and no strapped into my
pedals, lead to a very mild panic, which made my breathing go,
so by the time I finally made it up the slope I was having a slight
fit... not very encouraging considering tonight...

As I mentioned last week, tonight I want to try doing some 
time trials with you, but we have a slight non/issue...

There is a chance of rain/showers starting from now which if true
would mean we need to take a rain check, since I can't have you 
blitzing through traffic on slippery roads.

If I see no rain by 21:00 then I think we will be safe, but I believe
that to be optimistic, I envision it will rain at somepoint.

Until that time the plan will be like this:

1) Gather at C.O.D from 21:30 
2) Start our runs when the traffic clears up
3) Each run will be with two riders
4) Each rider will be released in 1 minute increments. 

Start/Finish point:

Address: 2 Chome-11-17 Kitaaoyama, Minato, Tokyo 107-0061
It's all a bit of fun I will be drinking casually while keeping a check
on the stopwatch... fastest rider gets a chilli dog on me.

!!! LIGHTS !!!
No cutting through red lights

The all star line up:


The motivational music for tonight is this one kindly brought
to my attention by Water Works regular and full time shower man 


It's very hard to know if this Monday is a good or bad day, It's cold and
wet, but rumor has it this will be the last day of "cold weather" for a 
while, and if you live in Japan you know that means good weather until
at least the end of October.

If you're viewing the blog from a smart phone device then do so landscape...

Around this time last year we created our first promotional video for your
viewing pleasure, and this year though a little earlier than the cherry  
blossoms, we are pleased to present you with:

'One day with the Cartel'

TITLE: "One day with the CARTEL"
MODEL: Mr.Tikini

If you me know me at all, you'll get that the my life right now is mainly
music and bicycles, and being one of the forces behind Cartel I thought
it would be good to show a day in the life - so as to speak. 

My question is, if this film was about you and your Cartel bike what would
your story be like?

Here are some brief ones from our Cartel Network:

If you been following this blog you will know that Osiris & BlackEyePatch
are deep in the middle of a project, and I am happy to share the next mix
with you, which is by Koko Miyagi (the dog whisperer):

See you in the warmer weather!
Not the best of Monday's to start the week...

So I thought it to be a good time to take you back with me
to the dark streets of London...

During my stay I spent some very valuable times meeting 
with friends, after the sun went down.
Those meetings allowed me to re-connect with energies
that allowed me to remember who I am, where I came from,
what I stand for and how I am going to continue...

Catching up and reasoning on a wide
variety of topics, was how myself and my homies started
this particular night...before stepping out to get some food

Brassfoot; who has been keeping busy just dropped this mix
for our friends at Febo in Morishita:


Lord Tusk; man of mystery and mastery but no calls from his
Sifu this time:

After finishing our meal at mangal Istanbul we headed out....
Or should I say temporarily parted ways, as Brass n Tusk had
to take care of something quickly. And I was taken to the next
spot in this...

But the scenery was more like this...

The spot was just up the road, where Femi from NTS (left) was
holding down a set and many other legends from my pantheon
of London we hanging out like Benny Blanco from 'Nonsense'...

Since you caught some of the 'Nonsense' vibes on the previous
London blog post
, I'll let Femi have the honors:

If that was not enough...

From there we moved onto the Hoxton Gallery, where I was
able to catch up with an old school friend Colin...

Colin has his own tribe:

The function there was also nice but overall I felt a
powerful and positive energy in London, and I was actually
able to link up with so many more people than I did last year...

Big big shouts out to Funkineven, Brassfoot and Navs for this, 
one of my last moments but importantly for always looking out
for me where ever I happen to be!

After this dinner we slipped back to the London HQ where I sipped 
on this...

And enjoyed a pre-screening of Apron's next music video...
But since YOU can't see that yet we'll leave you in the hands of 
NTS and Funkineven...


Cartel Bike Owners, Volume 1:
- Jesse Freeman (I am nothing in particular) - 
"to get to work...and as a stationary bike when i watch movies at home~"

Jesse Freeman, a photographer, director, ikebana artist, writer and now Cartel Bike owner; is the type of individual who understands what it means to "experience your road", as of such we'll take a closer look at just how he does that.

 Actually it's no secret that myself and Jesse are no strangers, we've been connected for about 7/8 years since we met here in Tokyo, and have since then been through a lot of things together, but most importantly have been developing our respective arts and trades whilst maintaining a friendship that continues to allow us to "experience our road(s)":

However it was not until 2011 that he started taking his art forward and that our friendship grew into something greater; via his first film 'Vein' that he directed, I starred in and our late mutual friend and inspiration Alani Cruz shot:

Vein from Jesse Freeman on Vimeo.

Since 'Vein' I have had roles in a few more of his film works such as this one:

In 2015 alone Jesse watched a total of 1,095 different films (who does that?!?); which for most people would mean a lot of sitting around, but not with someone as motivated and inspired as Freeman though, he came up with this:

Especially since he is riding fixed gear, he also uses his bike as a stationary excercise tool, a pretty smart idea as someone who sits around watching over 1000 films would in my assumption end up being a little out of shape, without some form of excercise. 

Jesse Freeman has also cultivated a deeper interest in Japan and into Japanese culture, his appreciation of which he expresses in many aspects of his daily life, even extending to his owning of a Shiba-ken & Kai-ken (Hara & Koko) the former of which he named his film production company after - Hara productions:

Japanese literture, novelists, actors, directors and photographers have all played equal roles in influencing Jesse's arts and life; allowing him to express much more with less, a mentality that has helped Jesse become an officially recognised Sogetsu Ikebana artist:

Indeed a man of many talents but lets not forget his first love and passion has and maybe will always be photography; in his career he has captured some really powerful pictures; including some awesome ones of me like this one here:

I actually used this photo as my official artist picture for many years, I think it definitely helped me get booked a great deal haha.
As a photographer the importance of lines and symmetry seem to be of signifigance to him, as well as finding signifigance in the familiar, or was it more like seeking to finding similarities rather than differences, anyway somewhere out of those chains of thought, come these powerful images of to what others would definitely overlook:

Jesse Freeman we salute you, keeping on experiencing your road...
Welcome to our Monday blog post!

Right off the bat I am happy to announce that I have to put together a new mix for Cartel, which brings us into volume 4 (finally!) of our Cartel Mix series. This year I will personally make sure that the mixes keep coming from myself or other DJ's who can provide you a soundtrack to experience your road with.

Thanks to the homies I-AM-JESSE & our engineer Young Richard (who also took the following pictures) I was able to record this mix live....

Recording live as Jesse would say makes the mix sound "human", and as such features some imperfections and one outright mistake; which is that I got so into the mix I played this particular song twice (that's how much I love it!):

Greg Beato is one of a select few artists who have been able to release on Apron records...a label that is run by DJ, Artist and personal friend Funkineven:

I won't go into too much detail in this post about the man and the label, but I would strongly suggest you have a read of an article I put together for 'Dune' magazine last October:

Apron seems to be coming out strong this year too with two new releases to kick of 2016. The first release of 2016 is by London based artist Shamos... who's promotional video I blogged last week, with the EP release being today:

And just as I was getting my head around Shamos's release... POW Apron delivers another blow using it's BRASSFOOT:

The signifigance of the above picture will make sense in due time, but really reminds me of the long journey Brassfoot has been taking with music; as the picture above highlights just a little - as he was 14/15 years old rapping a long with fellow 'not ramping' (Ole London slang for not being present to just play games) type peers under the moniker of D.T.S... the idea of expressing and standing up for oneself in all it's forms was just as evident back then as it is now with his latest 'Realms' release on Apron:

As you know Brassfoot is one of the first guest DJ's I called in to bless our Cartel Mix archives with as the sound he has is just how I like to experience my road; with speed and energy. If you ride with a single speed bike that is 100% fine, but if you ride with a fixed gear bike you already know what I am talking about.

To be able to create anything that is going to be shared with people whom you do and do not know personally, takes a lot of courage and passion, and one important factor in being able to do so I believe is by being in a space that allows your creativity to flow....

#FACTMusicStudios (via @funkineven) . 🎹🔊🎶🌴 .

FACT Magazineさん(@factmag)が投稿した写真 -

You all seem to think so too! 

Big up Funkineven and all the other Apron artists across the globe!

See you in the Midweek update...