You may remember a few weeks ago I blogged about a new series of very limited bikes we've produced actually so limited that we only have 1 of each colour (Metallic Blue, Gloss Black and...):



Including this metallic red model that we letting go for ¥89,640...unless, of course, you want to customize the bike and really bring out its full potential? Say a bit like this:



Take the idea of having a one-off bike, then following up with strong customization, will definitely set you apart from the others...



Here we are emphasizing Diner's Carbon 3-Spoke wheelset, for improved aerodynamics and explosive acceleration (unless you pedal like a pansy).



Add this classic saddle from Selle Italia... I love the Turbo font.



The handles bars also get special treatment by removing the bar tape and fitting them with some Nitto bar ends:



Which makes for a decent match to the metallic red of the bike frame:



Hmm the rainy season has me thinking about that time we went to Kansai back in 2015 (click for full story)...


I took a set of both Analogue pictures:



And the standard iPhone shots too:



A lot happened during those days but I really had a great time....



Riding and Cycling all the way...



Experiencing the road...


It seems the W.A.C.C continues to just unveil itself, this week which is because of our friend and 'Specular' rider Yukine from Dajac Speaker:



She was recently interviewed on Houyhnhnm where she showed the world our 'Specular', we are very grateful for this, and if you did not know Yukine-san is making amazing speakers from skateboard decks:



Like the above, she made for Prime Skateboards!


Back to our 'Specular'...



I took one out just to grab some clean pictures to share with you all this blog post:



You may notice the copper/brown coloring of the wheels a nice final touch we made just before production:



Not forgetting the logo we use for the bike's decal...



Get your 'Specular' now from ¥69,120:



Ah, you may have noticed from our Instagram that we've been sharing snaps of those who have been representing us via our long sleeve Ts, the question is why? 


Well simply, W.A.C.C, of course, has a passion for cycling just like our homies, however, the mutual cross-over lines do not stop there as we are also connected by our love of MUSIC...



Above YO.AN from Hole and Holland; DJ, artist, label owner and cyclist:






Long time homie MARS89; DJ, artist, and cyclist:



Expect more... our family is really about it!


 A good read is definitely a recreational activity we recommend, and the books I have a leaning toward are usually of the mystical side of both Fiction and Non-fiction. Recently I have reverted back to the graphic novel format, as I was captivated by the artwork from the Moebius chronicles:



Again the idea of adventure and exploration are central to the stories plot, as it ours!


I am going to sign out by giving thanks to everyone for making my birthday week special, you all know who you are.



Thank you!



Thank you!



Thank you!

Been following our Instagram?


You would have seen this fine example of our Gun Metal 'Avenue Lo':



I guess the main stand-out features are the long riser handlebars, which in recent times have been proving very popular I guess since they were featured heavily in Mash's last film drop...:



The other part you may notice is the rear carbon disc wheel...



Carbon disc wheels have been used extensively on track bikes for a while now, obviously for the improved aerodynamics and weight:



Since the 80's there have been several medal winning bikes that have taken advantage of the disc wheel:




Transferring the aerodynamics to the street? Then this custom might be for you, though I must state disc wheels are not really for beginners however if you are a seasoned fixed/single gear rider why not give try the combination of the long riser handlebars and carbon disc wheel?



Matched to our Gun Metal 'Avenue Lo' frame.



The starting point? Our Gun Metal 'Avenue Lo'¥89,640 Available now:



The many mysteries of Nishi-Azabu or "the west" as I like to call it - this building is now known as the Hotel-S:



It's actually a residence as well as Hotel... but I've heard stories that the building is a bit haunted? Either way, it's a self-proclaimed hideaway for adults, that I am hoping to try one day.



The joys of film photography...another medium and expression for us here at W.A.C.C, which allowed for this shot: 



You can get your 'Always Maintain' Tee now too, and if you know me personally I'll offer a very special mates discount:



Next our 'Specular'...



I recently performed some maintenance on mine for the first time which including greasing the chain and tightening some parts: 



I also had to make the tires firmer...



10.9 PSI:



The W.A.C.C 'Specular' is really the ultimate city explorer, and it has been taking me places like this spot Boogie Woogie in Ginza:



Some OG vibes going on there:



Like this Harmonica selection...just tight:



On those vibes, I'll leave you with this...





If you have been following Cartel Bikes for a while, you'll know that our fleet has always had its staple colours that we also add variations: Aqua Blue, Mint Green, Matte Red...and now Blood Orange. I have never posted a custom version on our blog and courtesy of our friends at Diner I can share this one with you all today:



For me, this bike has the classical base of our 'Avenue' but due to its orange coloring and polished parts; including these riser handlebars by Nitto, add to it a cosmopolitan touch that is made complete by Brooks leather grips



Once you start placing Brooks parts on your bike; it's nice to follow up with what Brooks are renown for in the first place saddles:



Add Michelin's Dynamic Classic tire...



The orange of our frame and the black of our logo.



And then you get your perfect city companion:



Of course, before you can customize your bike, you need to have our blood orange 'Avenue':




Available now for ¥59,400

Seems the pace is really picking up over here at W.A.C.C, making your world real to the rest of world does take effort and time, none the less 3 years ago we were in the same place with Cartel Bikes until people started to really notice...just like now with the likes of Eyescream.JP once again picking up on our movements:



I am hoping that this article will encourage even more people to get onto our 'Specular' and the idea of exploring your own world. The 'Specular' has some features that while a little coincidental are useful whilst out exploring...



I can store my camera in the handle bars which is awesome in case I have to snap something real quick, even though I just stick things in the middle of the handlebars because I can (Drinks can work too) :-)


However getting out there and capturing the neighborhood (in this case Nishi-Azabu) has proven a fun and rewarding task, just look: 



It's quite hard to imagine such a residential area in any other city.




Neither the random buildings within them like the above Church. The complete photoset you can find on our Tumblr...


On the subject of God, what do you know about the American kind?



Well that new Net Flix show 'American Gods' has me hook line and sinker, but only because I read the book first and just had to see how those captivating words would be translated to the screen.



You'll notice that it has a foreword by Phillip Pullman, author of the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy; which unfortunately really made for bad cinema (but the books were amazing). That is a lot of reading to do but I'd definitely suggest getting stuck in straight away.



I will leave you with the gracious music of A TAUT LINE, definitely the record of the week here at W.A.C.C; his latest album 'Distraction Provisions' - and I'll embed my favorite cut from the record:



Till next time

Welcome to the Friday update!


Where we'll start off by thanking Eyescream.JP for featuring the two latest additions to our fleet...




Those additions are:


1) The Blood Orange 'Avenue' - Available now for ¥59,400



2) The Gun Metal 'Avenue Lo' - Available now for ¥89,640 


Not stopping there, we now have a brand new and limited series of 'Avenue Lo' bikes for your consumption, that you may have noticed on our Instagram


The series is made up of exclusive gloss colored frames:


In red (wine red?):



In blue:



In Black:



Again these bikes are available in limited numbers for this season if you are sitting on the fence thinking about joining the Cartel, now could be a perfect time. Using any of these 'Avenue Lo' bikes as basis to eventually customize would ensure you stand out from the rest!


Look how that top tube shines:



The pursuit frame never looked so clean:



Who knew black could be so shiny?  



Our Limited 'Avenue Lo' bikes are available now for ¥89,640


Be sure to check into our Monday WACC update to catch the Photo Diary:




The first story... about our 2nd product.


For the 2nd time this year we welcome you to W.A.C.C aka ‘West Azabu Cycling Club’; established in the western part of Tokyo's Azabu area, and where we are based.


It is the many mysteries around us here in West Azabu that inspired us to create W.A.C.C, with the hopes that you will join us as we explore them.


Following the release of our ‘Always Maintain’ long sleeve t-shirt, I am happy to announce our latest creation the ‘Specular’.


We christened this cycle the ‘Specular’, as this best describes the bike's most distinctive feature it’s top tube, finishing the frame off in a clean bronze brown.


As a child, almost every Sunday, I use to take delight in exploring inner city London on my mountain bike with my sister and Father, so I wanted to recreate that nostalgic Sunday feeling every day, by giving the Specular’s parts a chrome finish, finally crowning it with triangular handlebars; known commonly as ‘bull moose’ handlebars, that were common sight on the mountain bikes I use to see in the late 80’s and early 90’s.


The ‘Specular’; elegant and distinctive whilst being individual and practical making it the perfect solution to urban mobility.


It's available now from Diner - in very limited quantities so you'd better be quick, we have already got the press gun firing:



More to come...


Black is back!


In our business demand can often be greater than supply, especially with our matte black 'Avenue Lo', definitely one of our staples:



Posted onto our Instagram today, and featuring Diner's original 50mm wheelset:




Elegant yet simple, with that subtle sporty feel...



It's no wonder why the matte black 'Avenue Lo' is always  in demand at places like Diner and other stockists nationwide:




Our matte black 'Avenue Lo' is available now from ¥79,920:



I can't lie things have been very busy over here at the Cartel..., but I will start by saying you can catch us in this:




You'd also better check out this very timely (if you can catch my drift) release from our friend Brassfoot:





Other than that you can catch me at the following during this weekend:




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Back from the silence once again!


With this long anticipated custom bike, which I posted on our Instagram last week with a promise to get it onto our blog for a more detailed look:



The clean and classic looks of the 'Avenue' meet the eye-catching carbon fiber wheels, in this case, we have Diner's original 3-Spoke, but as you should be aware we have several options for all your Carbon wheel needs:


Diner's sleek 4-spoke:


The aforementioned 3-Spoke:


Then we have our own originals for you to choose from like the C.B.3:

Which I used for a shoot we did late last year...



And finally our latest creation the C.B.3+



Carbon wheels make for an eye-catching collaboration....




But before you get the wheel you need to get the ride, right? 


Why not make it our 2017 'Avenue' for ¥59,400 - this one our Blue baby.


In recent times I have been finding the time to explore Tokyo a bit more like I enjoy, and in doing so ended up in Shimbashi ==>> Ginza:



Even our local Roppongi... but more on all that later.



I want to take out the time to big up our last guest DJ at Funktion... God Service's Watarude



I really enjoyed the tunes he spun and the general jokes he gave me along the ride; the highlight for me being when he was deep in the mix, you know like ocean deep with the current song and incoming song blended to perfection, and it was at this point he looked over to me with a smile and said "still going" followed by a chuckle...  



He also gave me the above record (thanks again).



Tonight we're anticipating Yoppi-san (seen below sporting the WACC L/S Tee)



And of course all you lovely people ...



Leaving you all with this song:



Tune in next time to find out about this: